Monday, August 1, 2011

Joy of Blogging

I was just discovering a new blog.  I say that like I read or follow a lot of blogs.  I don't.  In  But a friend of mine keeps posting on Facebook how funny/awesome this particular blog is, so I checked it out.  Holy crap.  I haven't laughed so much - or so HARD - since I discovered Fire Joe Morgan years ago (RIP).  The woman who writes this blog ( is HYSTERICAL!  So I was reading, and reading, and reading, and suddenly I thought "I wish I had a blog."  Then a few minutes later - not sure why it took a few minutes, but that's another issue - I remembered I DID have a blog.

So here I am.  I think I might start using this blog to express myself...not because I'm good at that, have a lot of important things to say, or want to be like "The Bloggess".  But as I was walking through Wal-Mart thinking of what I might share if only I had a blog (during those few minutes), I had a couple of epiphanies about blogs.  (OT: Epiphanies are the shit.  You should have one or a few if you want a good time.)

Epiphany A: One of the coolest things about blogs is the underlying assumption that we all have a right to share whatever we want.  What I have to say is special and important, simply because I want to say it.  We, humans, are to be valued.  Not every blog/opinion is very interesting to every person, but they all have value. (Except for blogs about how great the NY Yankees are.  Get real.)

Epiphany B: There are lots of things in the world that make me laugh.  Said another more complimentary way: there are lots of things in the world that bring me joy.  I should share them.

Epiphany C: You can't call three epiphanies a "couple".  But I'm a rule-breaker.

So I decided to fire this blog back up and dump all the shit in my head.  It doesn't sound quite as appealing when I put it that way, but it'll be awesome, I promise.

Of course, my first danger is (1) trying to be too much like The Bloggess and (2) comparing myself to her brilliance.  Damn, that's two dangers...I really need to work on words about numbers.  The first danger shouldn't be too hard to avoid because she is a fairly young, happily married funny woman.  I am....not.  Any of that.  The second danger is a lot more likely, but that brings me back to Epiphany A: I have my own voice, and even if it sounds like a woman, it doesn't sound that that PARTICULAR least I don't think it does.  (Wouldn't that me amazing if it did?)

So what on earth will I write about?  Anything.  Everything.  Things I love, things I hate.  I'll praise good people, vent and rant about annoying ones (you know who you are), and just do my therapy out in public.  I already use Facebook for some of that, but it's hard to keep my insanity to 140 characters.  I also journal from time to time (no, it's NOT a diary! And I can prove Hello Kitty cover.)  But this will be more fun and the probability of public embarrassment is significantly higher.  Hmmm, what if the person I rant about happens to stumble across my blog and finds my bitch session about them?  Not sure how I'll handle that.  Maybe pseudonyms will become my friends.

I'll be back soon.  In the meantime, check out if you like to laugh and aren't afraid to wet yourself.

PS My spell-checker has never heard of the plural of epiphany.  Are you only supposed to have them one at a time?

PPS I realize of course that this is very self-indulgent of me, but that's the best kind of indulgence, so it's cool.

PPPS There's nothing I'd like more than a follower.  It feels sort of weird talking to everyone and no one at the same time.


  1. OK, here's your official follower/stalker comment. Guess who? Come a long way from discussing the previous night's episode of Moonlighting in the cafeteria.

    Your "pusher"

  2. LOL I guess...although in some ways, I'm just as lost and confused about life as I was back then.

  3. Oh yeah. And I can't tell you how excited I am to have a stalker. FINALLY! :)